How to give Bath to your New born baby

It is generally very difficult for new moms to give bath to their new born juniors. For the first week or so it’s best to give your baby sponge bath with luck/warm water after that you need to give proper bath So, Here’s few Step which can help you:


  • Gather all necessary bath supplies, and lay out a towel, a clean diaper, can also keep clean wipers and clothes. Make sure the water is Luke and room is warm so your baby doesn’t get chilled.
  • While a baby is tiny, it makes the most sense to use Baby Bather as they are comfortable and make bath time easily and safe. 
  • Use one hand to support baby’s neck and head, pour cup of water over baby’s body, Start rising with soap wash all the parts space between fingers both hand, legend special genital area
  •  Washing Whole body, start washing the head and face.Shampoo baby’s head and face with finger softly. If dried mucus has collected in the corners of your baby’s nostrils or eyes, dab it several times to soften it before you wipe it out. As for your baby’s genitals, a routine washing is all that’s needed. (Note: wash head and face in the end so that baby don’t panic and start crying)
  •   After the complete bath wrap baby in towel. If Skin is still peeling from birth, you can apply a baby lotion after the bath. Diaper baby, put baby frill panty as if it soft and comfortable for little babies.
  • If baby is feeling sleepy and give her/him a sweet kiss on his/her sweet-smelling head and put him/her on baby Cradle with pillow, cover baby with blanket so that baby don’t catch cold.
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