Babies are Miniature Scientist – Enjoy Them Growing Up…

Eat, sleep, poop, cry… Isn’t that all newborns do? If you also think so than, you are also WRONG. Little Babies even new born do more than you think or see.
Babies can recognize their mother’s voice from birth. This shows that babies absorb auditory stimuli in utero, and they can remember it. In other words, your baby was paying attention to your conversations long before he/she is born.
Even in some situations babies are much smarter than us as they can smell odors, good and bad, and detect sweet and sour tastes.
It is  also seen that if anyone special mother cries front of baby, baby also start crying and if she cheerful  play with him/her than baby laugh that means babies do read your face expressions and respond accordingly.
Every baby is different, there was a mother who shared that her 10 months old son had took his first step i.e. he had completely skipped crawling and she was surprise to hear that she is not the only one who had expressed this, there  are few babies who bypass crawling
On the other hand some mothers complain that their baby don’t crawl even at the age of 11 month  there is nothing to worry as every baby is different and they will do all activities on their own. If your child isn’t walking by 18 months, however, talk to his doctor. It could be a sign of a motor delay.
Same as walking fact is applied for speaking also, some babies start speaking or saying little words early than other infants.
As you go onlineor in malls you will see many toysto boost up your baby’s developmentlike Musical laptop, First Classroom to let your baby recognize shapes and patterns and Play Gym which is one in all as it has Spinning bead ball promotes the development of auditory sense; Water filled chewy tether for soothing baby’s gum; Fringes which are fun to touch and pull and even Lovely plush toys always attract baby’s eyes.
Giving some space to your infant is another way to let him grow his senses on his own so. Let your baby play in play gym while you can just sit next, have a coffee and enjoy your baby’s little activities. So, don’t be afraid to give your baby some independent time. Don’t feel guilty about chatting on the phone while your little one plays on mat as babies learn a lot even by hearing you talk to someone else.
Babies seem to recognize connections between what they do and what happens in the world, and they’re interested in experimenting with these. In other words “Your adorable infant is a miniature scientist”.
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