Hungry Baby.. Baby’s Diet At Each Stage Of Development.

The solid foods you can introduce to your baby’s diet at each stage of development,In addition to breast milk or baby formula. Keep talking to your baby whenever you are feeding him/her so that baby don’t do much activity while eating.

(4-6 Months)
Single-grain cereals: Mix with baby formula or water on occasions.

(6-8 Months)
Pureed or strained fruits: Wash all fruits and then make them soft by boiling or giving them stream, you can also add water but try not to add more as you baby should be used to solid food. Bananas, pears, apples, apricots, prunes are some of the advisable fruits.

Pureed or strained Vegetables: Wash all fresh vegetables then bake, boil, or steam until soft.You can use less water for a thicker puree as your baby gets used to the new foods. avocados, carrots, peas, potatoes, squash
(8-10 Months)
Mashed fruits and vegetables: No need to puree; Just cook food and mash fruits like banana and avocados.
Can also give small amount of Yogurt, cheese and cooker pasta.
(10-12 Months)
Baby can try eating most of the foods you eat now, if they are cut up or mashed properly so that he can safely chew and swallow. As your baby gets more teeth and learns to chew more effectively, he will begin to be able to eat larger pieces of food also.
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