Why Baby Gear is needed?


  •  Keeps your hands free for shopping, working in the kitchen or any other household work.
  • Breastfeeding becomes very easy, if you are worrying that your baby would be uncomfortable than it is not so.
  • You can even see all your baby’s activities and expressions.
  •  It will also increase emotional and physical bond with your baby as he will be very near to your body.
  • People who are little nervous to hold the babies, can easily carry them and baby will also feel safe and secure.


  •  In car, Holding your baby in hand become little uncomfortable so it is more secure to use baby car seat while traveling in car.
  • It is Easy and user-friendly to install and also soft padding so that baby feel
  • comfortable while sitting.
  • By chance if someone hits the brakes suddenly, your baby will not get much impacted when in a car seat.


  • Just keep your baby in pram or roller and enjoy your outing. Your body gets to relax, as carrying your toddler every day may cause your arms and shoulders to ache.
  • Facilities available like Safety lock for extra safety, a canopy to protect your baby from the sun, compartments to hold your diaper bag and other essentials, etc.
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