How to Care for New Born Twins

Having twins can be one of the most exciting times of your life. Caring for one child is daunting enough for many new parents – having two at the same time can be a real jolt. It can also be one of the most demanding. While twins will bring you special joys, caring for twins is a big job. Sometimes just getting through the day can seem overwhelming.
The first few months after the babies arrive can be a blur of diapers and feedings. Take the chance during pregnancy to look for help in those first months. Accept any help that is offered make sure your family member or friend on call if you need them let them want kind of help you want-it can make a big difference.
You will feel tried and restless. It will be a long time before you get a full night’s sleep, so take every chance to rest during the day. With the intensity of the experience of having twins, expect to have some negative feelings from time to time, too. It is natural to have these feelings, don’t feel guilty about them just keep doing your great work.
Feeding two is in many ways no harder because increased demand increases milk production. Finding a method that works may take some practice and patience. Little difficult will be just to find comfortable position.Breastfeeding at the same time helps put them on the same nap schedule.
Keep in mind: Keep the entire required thing (for babies or personal) in home as in emergency it can be difficult for you to take twins out with you. Remember to give other children in the family the attention they need. The amount of time that it takes to care for twins can make other siblings feel forgotten. Make a special effort to set aside time regularly to be alone with the other children.

Avoid: It is difficult for children to know who they are as personal and in case of twins, especially identical ones it become harder. So, avoid picking names for the twins that rhyme or sound alike, avoid dressing the twins alike and avoid referring to them as “the twins.” Use their names just as you would 2 children of different ages. It helps them learn who they are, Most important don’t compare both as it can make them feel worse.  
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