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Developing Toddler

You will start noticing big changes as your junior develops from little baby to a active toddler. By the time your child will be 2, she be a chatter box. Your child’s 2ndyear will be full of milestones.

She will be probably recognises her own name and start saying ‘ma’ ‘pa’ by time she will be 12 months, till 18 months she will say up to 18-20 words and recognize many more. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t speak at the age of her 2. Some children barely speak at all for the first two years then wow you with fully formed sentence if you are at all concerned though, speak to your GP or health visitor.

Help your toddler in language: Have lots of conversation, sing songs, poems etc; talk about the shape and color of flowers, trees; read books like picture books, pop-up books, and noisy books. It’s never too early to start and give her a good grounding.

You may also notice change in your child’s behavior: You may experienced tantrums for a while now, but as your child passes her second birthday, the ‘terrible twos’ may kick in and aggressive behaviour, such as biting, kicking and pushing, will possibly be added to the mix. As toddlers may not understand that this behaviour hurts, explain it to them carefully and repeatedly. Don’t bite or hit back to demonstrate – that makes the behaviour seem acceptable. Take your toddler out of the situation until she calms down. Aggressive behaviour is often attention-seeking, so this will prove it is not a successful tactic. Remember, try to stay as calm as possible – if necessary walk into another room – and always be full of encouragement and reward good behaviour.

A great way of encouraging good behaviour in your child is to reward her when she is well-behaved. Positive attention and praise is highly effective as it helps your child make an immediate connection between what you are saying in relation to their behaviour.
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