Long Distance Dad

Your work keeps you away from your kid then there are few tips you can use to enjoy with your child even when you are miles away.

  • Make yourself a scrap book of photos and stickers of your own an

    d your child’s names in the book. Wrap the book and tell him/her to open it on the first night you’re away.

  • Sent or mail photos to your family so that your child stays in connected with you when you are away, you can also sent documentary of what you do all day when you’re away. Be sure to include things like what you eat, how you travel and so on. Get your child to do the same.
  • Try to send small gifts (like toys)time to time to show your child, yes you are thinking about him/her.
  • Get webcam for yourself and your child, so that you can see and talk to each other even when you are away.
  • If your phone at home can be used as a speakerphone, get your wife to put it on the table at dinnertime so that you can all “have dinner” together.
  • Before you leave home, hide some “treasures” around the house – these could be little toys, stickers, chocolate shapes and so on. Draw a treasure map of where you have hidden these things, and then send it through the post. If you have a cordless phone at home, you can talk to your child and give some hints as hunts for the treasures goes on. 
  • When you are at home spend more and more time with family.
    & If you are confused how to bond with your baby than do read: Dad to bond with baby! Easy and simple way …

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