Top 7 Tips for Parents to relax !

1. TEAM UP– Raising a child can be one of the most rewarding, amazing, exhausting, infuriating and thankless jobs on Earth. Parents do feel exhausted as it is 24*7 day job and putting everything on one can real make that one go mad. So it can be a good idea to team up, divide your work and help each other. Being dad if you’re little worried about how to bond with baby so please read: Dad to bong with baby.
2. MASSAGE-When you’re too much stressed out, massage can be good for you to relax. Professional massage may not be possible due to constraints on money or time, so you can ask your partner or friend to give you 10-15 minutes massage. 
3. EAT WELL-Though it may be tempting to turn to the comforts of fast food or frozen pizza, remember that good nutrition can be a life saver. A balanced diet should sustain your energy levels during the day and help you sleep better at night. Choose foods with lots of complex carbohydrates, calcium and good fats.
4. EXERCISE– In addition to giving you the physical endurance necessary to chase your children around all day, exercise has a number of other health benefits. Exercise:  decreased risk of disease, increased happiness and sense of calm.
5. PAMPER YOURSELF– Many parents probably spend a lot of their energy making sure the kids feel their best, and it can be easy to neglect their own well-being. But don’t underestimate the sense of happiness and relaxation that may come with spending a little time and energy — or money — on you. Go out for shopping; spend time with your partner and hangout with friends.

6. MUSIC– Music is known to have a calming effect on the brain, and it can be squeezed into almost any situation. When you are exhausted your track can really made you feel good.
7. LAUGHTER– Laughter has many health benefits: improved circulation and oxygen flow, increased endorphin. Watch comedy films, try to make your partner laugh so you both can laugh together, spend time with your friends and have good chit chats.
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