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Baby’s Skin Care for winter

You just can’t keep your hands off your little one’s oh-so-soft skin, and you’d do anything to keep it as silky as the day he was born But with winter in the air, you need to do more than just bundle up your precious bundle, that’s why it is It is very necessary to take right care of baby’s skin and baby’s clothes during winters to prevent the harsh effect of cold on baby’s skin.
A baby’s skin is delicate and the cold, dry air of winter can be cruel on it. Even the central heating system makes a baby’s skin drier than ever before. However, a little attention and care can help a lot. Keep in mind few things and implement them, you will find that the tender and silky skin of your baby remains maintained.

Tips to Prevent Winter Skin Problems in Babies:
ü  Batheyour baby every 2 – 3 days and make sure that the bathing time is short.
ü  Apply baby lotionor baby skin moisturizerimmediately after bath so that the skin of your infant is protected from dryness.
ü  Give your baby at least 2 – 3 massages daily. This will help oil and moisture to penetrate into the skin and will help keep it smooth and supple.
ü  Your baby might experience chapped or cracked lips and cheeks. Apply lip care gel or cream on lips and cheek every 2 – 3 hours.
ü  Apply gel or petroleum jelly inside the baby’s nose. Most often nose gets dry and the baby feels discomfort. If untreated it leads to bleeding from nose too.
ü  Make your baby drink lukewarm water according to his age in clean bottleso that the skin remains hydrated.
ü  If the place where you live is very cold and you have to put the heater on for most hours, keep a humidifier so that the dryness in the atmosphere is lessened.

It is advisable that for the first few months of the birth, you should stick to only water while bathing your newborn. After that start using soapsspecially designed for baby’s skin and apply moisturizer immediately after bath. Apply a barrier for nappy rash and also to protect him from having one. Just keep in mind that whatever baby skin care product you choose for your infant should be specially designed for a baby. Make sure the product is safe and there are no chemicals added to it
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