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Girl names with Beautiful meanings

Today’s parents are not only looking for a unique name for their baby girl, but they also want a name that has a special meaning. Check out our pick of girl names with great meanings you can be proud of.
You want a baby girl name that is unique or trendsetting, but also one that flows well with your last name and has a meaning that is special. Let us help you narrow down your list with our picks of these beautiful girl names with great meanings.
Pick some name Beautiful names from our collection:
·         Sophia: Wise
·         Emma: Whole or complete
·         Isabella: Devoted to God
·         Hannah: Favor or grace
·         Mia: A wished for child
·         Eva: Life
·         Violet: Flower
·         Victoria: Victory or triumphant
·         Nadia: Hope
·         Irene: Peace
·         Ilyana: Delicate

For Specific meaning:
Girl names meaning “Miracle”
  •  Karishma: Miracle
  •  Alazne: Miracle
  • Karamat: Miracle
  • Daniella: Feminine form of Daniel, who miraculously survived the den of lions in the Old Testament

Girl names meaning “Strong”
  •  Karla
  • Nina
  • Chriselda
  • Gitta
  •  Allona

Girl names meaning “Beautiful”
  • Jolie: Cheerful, pretty
  • Elle: Beautiful fairy
  • Lily: Purity and beauty
  •  Rupinder: Beautiful
  • Mohini: Most Beautiful

Girl names meaning “Love”
  •  Prema: love
  • Cheryl: Darling
  • Priya: Dear one
  •  Darlene: Tenderly loved
  • Cara: Beloved
  •   Preity: Love, Affection
  •  Vida: Dearly Loved

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