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Reasons why baby-bath is more than just cleansing

Importance of massaging and bathing among babies

Splash splash! Bath time is one of the most favorite times of the day for Baby H since forever. Do you know that on an average, you spend approximately 23 minutes a day, that’s 10 hours a month in bathing your babies? If you are wondering why we are taking about something as routine as bathing a baby, here’s what the experts (not me!) have to tell you…

1. Bathing is loaded with multi-sensorial experience that makes it a ritual that’s more than just cleansing.

2. According to the experts, infants who experienced routine touch in form of massage and bathing were 3 times more likely to have a positive expression.

3. Routine massage and a good bath leads to good cognitive performance and increased alertness in babies.

4. A good bath and massage promotes sound sleep among babies, which is highly responsible for their growth.

5. The simple activity of splashing water teaches your baby the ’cause and effect’ science.

6. Those bubbles are not just for fun. Playing with bubbles can help a baby develop hand-eye coordination and discover that objects exist even when not seen.

7. If you talk or play games to your child while giving him bath, you are adding to his/her memory and personality.

8. Bath time music is not just for adults. When played to babies, bath time music can stimulate the parts of brain responsible for memory.

9. The pleasant smell of soaps and washes that you use to cleanse your baby when paired with loving interactions of a parent create life long memories for babies.

10. A post-bath cuddle can calm down your wet baby – And that’s another reason to take a dip!
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