How to cope up going back to work or working at home

First decide you really want to go back to work or not. Show that you are committed to your job, but make it clear you need to keep to strict working hours. This should give you time to get your work done, and allow you to leave promptly to collect your child from childcare.

 Ask to be given as much notice as possible if you’re required to work longer hours or take a business trip. This means you can be prepared to inform your childcare in advance or sort out back-up care. Try to keep your mind off how your child is coping at childcare while you’re working, so you stay focused on your job.

Only contact your career during the day if you really need to. Likewise, they can contact you if they really must. Otherwise you are bound to pick the time when your child is crying, which will worry you for the rest of the day. 

To tackle most work at home jobs you’ll almost certainly need some regular childcare. So decide what time of day you would like to work, then organise childcare to fit in. For example, if your brain is sharpest in the mornings, book childcare for those hours. Then you have a set period of the day to get everything done.
There are lots of different childcare options, so take the time to explore what’s available. The right childcare decision frees you to concentrate on work, knowing that your child is being well looked after. When you’re working try to keep yourself free from distractions. Plan chores for set times of the day, so they won’t eat into your working hours.
Setup your working space tell your family and friends you’re working hours so that they don’t contact you much at that time.
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